Miss b. - bottle action - Miss Dior Christian Dior perfume - a fragrance for women 1947

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Now that I’ve successfully acquired my 3 bottles I can comfortably make this review without fear of a reader becoming so curious and persuaded that they went and bought all the bottles I had my eye on from eBay LMAO. Call it what you want but this discontinued-perfume-hunt-game is real lmao. Bc once it’s gone, it’s GONE! Now all that remains on eBay are $200 listings and I’ll be damned! Lol.

Anywho, lol, this is my number 1, my holy grail, 90 years old in the nursing home and all I want is this, my FAVORITE PERFUME OF LIFE! Where do I start with this? It’s such a perfect scent for me. It’s strong, but pleasantly strong. I mostly smell strawberry and pineapple at the top, and then popcornnnn, and caramellllll! It’s so intoxicating! I can’t stop sniffing and smelling it. The sillage and longevity are really good. My 22 year old niece kept smelling me and wouldn’t stop lol. She detected the popcorn but couldn’t name it. Then finally she came running back to me yelling, “I SMELL THE POPCORN!” Lol. This scent is also very elegant. I just...can’t put into words how marvelous and magical this perfume is! MDC (2005) is the bees knees. I pray I never run out! BUT if I do, luckily I have a bottle of Elode Bliss which smells ALMOST identical but MDC is more of a smoother smell and not as tart.

This perfume is:

1,000,000/1,000,000 (Yes that’s one million out of one million lmao)






and a damn aphrodisiac for me.

I’ll stop now before I write an essay. But this is amazing. I’m not gonna lie...o actually WOULD pay $200 for this. It’s worth it.

Oh, P. S.

I don’t get any references to this. Not the COCO Mademoiselle, not anything. This thing here stands ALONE, in a lane all by herself. The Alpha Omega. The Queen Supreme. Any comparisons at this point are just merely, cute.

Miss B. - Bottle ActionMiss B. - Bottle ActionMiss B. - Bottle ActionMiss B. - Bottle Action


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